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A lot of people are raving about Bitcoin, but if the word does not ring a bell, let me introduce it to you. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that skyrocketed in the Internet. You can do almost anything with it just like a regular currency – USD, EURO, GBP, and the like.

With the opportunity we offer, you will get paid instantly and directly. You also don’t have to worry about requesting for commissions, meaning, we do things way cooler here!


Unleash The Power Of Explosive Buyer Traffic To Your Web Sites With This Brand New Cutting Edge Company That Offers Affordable Packages Of Mind-Blowing Traffic That Pays Out Instantly In Your Favorite Cryptocurrency – Putting You In Instant Profit!

You've Never Seen ANYTHING Like Global Impact Ads (GIA). This Immediate Income Program Is Generating Attention from the Biggest and Best online marketers! If you're seeking traffic to your social media accounts, affiliate links, or to your chosen products & services, then look no further. Global Impact Ads, this Revolutionary, Cutting Edge Company will literally allow you to Soar Above Your Competition...

Fact is, marketers, novice and the pros, are trying to make a living online and are only as successful as their advertising budget allows, and the conversions of that traffic. Quality Traffic is the Life-Blood of ANY Business, and without Quality Traffic to YOUR WEBSITE = No Prospect/Leads = No Sales = NO INCOME = Outta Business!

With this in mind, GIA has assembled an Opportunity that Pays You Daily, and provides Quality Web Site Visitors around the clock, that Virtually Guarantees Your Success! Think about it, how much traffic can you buy when You Earn Daily Commissions!

 By referring new customers to GIA, YOU will be amassing continual 25% Instant Commissions on the Traffic Package they purchase, plus be paid on the 10 Level Matrix Positions as well. With payments up to $1,250.00 a pop, and the residual royalties of your down-line buying more ad packages, equals more residual income for you! The payments are instantly verified and paid directly to members.

How can you do that you say? It's very simple to understand, so let me cover a few basic items. Our program is designed with the newbie in mind, even on a limited budget, so anyone with the desire to succeed online can benefit from this Amazing Opportunity.


Here's How it Works!



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Don't Worry, that's NOT Going To Happen Here at GIA!

Our unique multi-matrix system keeps working continually to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits, whether cash, crypto currency, or both, month after month, as they will be coming back to buy more and more traffic to their other sites - It is truly a Win-WIn-Win situation.

GIA is also teaming with some other companies to boost the memberships here in GIA, again, true Team Work in action. GIA will continue to grow and prosper over time, as well as all the members who have put their faith and trust in GIA ensuring that GIA will provide a lifetime of income to all members.


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All members that signup receive a Surprise Bonus of marketing materials, and downloads package available in the Members Back Office. GIA adds more from time to time, but we concentrate on getting traffic!

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